Financial Planning Through the Lens of a 100-Year Life

Feb 9, 2024 | Blog

The Starting Blocks of Life

Imagine dedicating your life to winning the Olympic 100m freestyle, only to find out at the starting blocks that the race is now 1500m. This shift from a sprint to a marathon mirrors the potential extension of our lives and the need for adaptive financial planning. If you knew you had an extra 50 years, how would it change your approach to the last 25 years of your career? This scenario underlines the importance of anticipating a longer retirement phase, prompting a reevaluation of our life goals and happiness.

Unified Aspirations

Our desires for strong familial bonds, a superior standard of living, and educational opportunities for our children extend into retirement. We envision our golden years filled with passion, financial stability, and health. Yet, the financial decisions made during our working years can often hinder the realisation of these aspirations in retirement.

Reassessing the Norm

The conventional three-stage life perspective – education, career, and retirement – may not suffice in today’s longevity landscape. This traditional view can lead to a retirement period marked by unfulfilled desires due to earlier financial choices. It’s time to question if this outdated model serves our best interests, especially when considering the potential for a century-long life.

Reflecting on Choices

Regrettably, many of us reach retirement lamenting over could-haves and should-haves, particularly in financial decisions. The reality that we might live to 100 without the necessary preparations can lead to retirement less about enjoyment and more about financial constraints. The wisdom of past investment strategies is often questioned in the face of extended longevity.

Embracing a Multi-Stage Life

It’s becoming clear that a more fluid, multi-stage approach to life is more fitting. This perspective encourages transformational changes and anticipates a longer, more varied life course. Wealth management services can provide the comprehensive advice needed to navigate this complexity, focusing on optimising income, preparing for the unexpected, preserving family wealth, and ensuring financial wellbeing throughout.

Personal and Financial Freedom

Our unique stories must be recontextualised within a 100-year life framework to avoid future regrets. We can forge a robust plan that withstands fleeting influences by sidelining external noise and focusing on our true desires and legacy.

Inspired Retirement

Let’s redefine retirement planning by embracing the concept of an Inspired Retirement. Viewing life as a 100-chapter book allows us to author our own stories, filled with chapters that reflect our deepest desires and leave a lasting legacy. It’s about creating a life plan that resonates with our ambitions and paves the way for true wealth.

Take the First Step

Embark on your Inspired Retirement journey with us. Consider each chapter of your life and how they interlink to craft your life’s magnificent narrative. With a century-long perspective, you hold the pen to write a story free of regrets.

New Chapter

Ready to bring clarity to your retirement vision? Complete our wealth check to ensure your financial planning aligns with your aspirations for an Inspired Retirement. Let wealth management services guide you to a future where every chapter of your life story is written with intention and purpose.

General Advice Warning: The advice provided herein is general in nature and does not consider individual financial situations or needs. It is not a substitute for legal, tax, or personal advice. Before making any financial decisions, it is recommended to seek advice tailored to your specific circumstances.