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At Real Life Financial Planning, we diverge from the conventional. Where banks and colossal financial institutions see numbers, we perceive aspirations.

Our edge is our intense drive to unearth what genuinely matters to our clients. We’re not about mere transactions – Geoff is your committed financial guide, steering you beyond mere fiscal targets to real, value-centred milestones.

Geoff Ivanac

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Getting Started

For many, designing a plan for the next chapter of your life starts with a simple question. Will I have enough? It’s a great question that leads immediately to another. Enough for what?

We believe that everyone needs a clear and inspiring vision for the future.

But where do you start?

We’ve created a simple tool that allows you to think about where you are today, how you think about the future and what, if anything may get in the way – as an individual or a couple. Take just three minutes and you’ll automatically receive a personalized summary, along with insights to help you define – or refine - a compelling vision for your future.