Real Life Financial Planning process

We want you to look forward to discussing your finances because you know they are deeply connected to the things that matter the most to you.

With our three step holistic financial planning process, you’ll understand exactly what your retirement can expect to look like by mapping it out in a way that aligns with how you want to live your life.

Geoff Ivanac

The Process


Our journey begins by painting the broader picture, understanding the essence of your dreams and aspirations. Through in-depth discussions and a wealth check, we uncover your deep-seated vision related to money and life.

By evaluating your present financial stance, we illuminate opportunities, enabling you to relish life’s present while keeping an optimistic gaze at the horizon.

We believe where you start makes all the difference. Perhaps you’ve never really considered how your finances connect with your values and this will give us the chance to uncover what has shaped your beliefs around money.

By taking the time to understand your story so far, we can get to the heart of “your why” – what makes your life worth living to you. By knowing the essence of your story, you’ll see that mapping out the ‘how’ to get to the next chapter will become much easier.


A traditional financial plan is created on the achievement of financial goals that have very little meaning to you. And it’s hard to stay on track with goals if you’re not invested in the outcome!

We do things differently at Real Life Financial Planning. We don’t want you to hit milestones only to feel unfulfilled about how far you’ve come and confused about where you’re headed.

This is why we work with our clients to carry out a wealth check and create a heart-centred financial plan for you that helps you achieve the outcomes you truly want to get out of life.

This guide gives you a clear path to getting to what your heart truly desires, and makes sure you have the money to support these dreams.

Whether you want to leave a stellar legacy to your children, or fund your favourite hobbies throughout retirement – we will consider your values and what matters most to ensure you feel confident about your future.

Because everyone’s life vision looks different, no two heart-centred financial plans look the same, and each one is tailored to the age and stage you’re at in life.


Forget a return on investment, we’re more concerned about a ‘return on life’.

Traditional financial planning is based on rigid and fixed financial goals, with the assumption that life will unfold in a linear line.

Yet in real life, this is rarely the case.

As your life unfolds, you need to adapt to different events and circumstances along your journey. After creating a holistic financial plan, we make sure it is adaptable to any changing circumstances so you can embrace life’s exciting transitions and still reach your ultimate destination.

Most financial advisors simply do a wealth check and look at what returns you’ll make on your investments, but we like to take in the whole life story, as money on its own won’t bring you joy.

Connection, mindfulness, learning new things and being part of what’s bigger than us are some of the many other ways we can find happiness in life.

Which is why we incorporate what you value into your holistic plan, and then make sure it’s flexible so you can adapt to any changes thrown your way.

Return on investment is only one piece of the plan – life-centred financial planning incorporates the bigger picture.

Life is a blend of certainties and surprises. We ensure you’re prepared for both.

Forget inwardly groaning everytime you think about speaking to a financial advisor – Geoff is unlike other financial advisors – book a call with him below and see for yourself.

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