Financial advisor retirement planning services to warm the soul

In this adventure called life, it’s sometimes easy to feel lost – especially when it comes to finances.

But what if you were given a roadmap AND placed on the right path so you could easily walk (or run!) towards your goals?

Enter financial planning with the heart that warms the soul: your compass to a secure, fulfilling future.

On this journey, we will give you the treasure map so you can navigate the seas – whether rough or calm – feeling confident as you sail through life.

Geoff Ivanac

Head & Heart Financial Plan

Step into a realm where your financial foresight intertwines with the art of emotional wellbeing.

We’ve honed the craft of guiding our clients so that their finances align with their aspirations, and that their values influence the way they spend their money.

Our financial advisor retirement planning services don’t simply give you income and investment goals, but look at your life holistically to create a plan that puts you on the right path towards what you want to achieve.

Wealth is but a tool in your hand, and our role is to reveal the strategies – combining your financial plan with what matters to you – so we can materialise your life’s vision.

Legacy Plan

Protect what you’ve built and those you love. Our expertise lies in creating a personalised wills and estate plan that ensures your assets – and the story they tell – remain within your family, where they belong.

Your legacy is more than your financial footprint – it’s your life’s story, the values you’ve championed, and the name you’ve cultivated. We’re here to make certain your final wishes echo beyond your lifetime, honouring your memory and the life you’ve lived.

Retirement Coaching

If you’re feeling stuck about retirement, wondering how you’ll fill your time or whether your finances will cover the necessities, it’s time for clarity and action.

Our Retirement Coaching is designed for you if you need a clearer vision of how your retirement is going to look, or want to fine-tune your current strategy because you don’t feel it aligns with what you want.

We’ll have regular check-ins throughout the year to address all your concerns and develop a flexible retirement plan that charts the course for your fulfilling retirement.

New Chapter

Embarking on a new chapter of life can be as daunting as it is exciting, especially if you’re unsure about where you’re headed. If you find the path ahead seems undefined or lacks vibrancy, we’re here to illuminate the way forward.

Our goal is to simplify complex life transitions, equipping you to embrace the future with ease and enthusiasm.

‘New Chapter’ is our most comprehensive package, and it encompasses all the features of our other offerings and then some. It’s tailored for business owners or individuals with multifaceted affairs, ensuring every aspect of your transition is thoughtfully considered and planned.