Head & Heart Package

Everyone has a different idea for what their retirement will look like, but one thing we all have in common is that we want to continue to feel fulfilled after we stop working.

While it’s easy to focus on the money you’ll have in retirement, what’s more important is to focus on your level of happiness throughout these later years.

But how can we do this?

First, we’ll look at your needs, values and beliefs around money, current financial situation and your overall feelings surrounding your finances, through a complete independent wealth management assessment.

Next, we’ll create financial and non-financial strategies that’ll set you up for when you retire in 5-15 years.

For some of us, this might mean having the money to travel because we value adventure, or having the funds to support our grandchildren through school – whatever is important to you, we’ll tailor a plan so you have the cash to live out your dreams.

Real Life Financial Planning Packages

Let go of the worry and feel confident in your future

Are you concerned about what you’ll do with all your extra time in retirement? Worried you haven’t got the right support networks or community links around you for when you stop working?

We’ll work together to create a holistic independent wealth management plan that takes into account every aspect of your life.

This includes how you can use your money to build up a life you’ll jump out of bed for in retirement. We’ll look at your hobbies, sporting activities, recreational interests and family and friendship networks to craft an aspirational retirement that’s completely attainable.

What is Real Life Financial Plan?

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Other financial planning packages

Head & Heart Financial Plan

The Head & Heart Financial Plan is designed for pre-retirees who are 50+, with a holistic approach focusing both on traditional financial planning and on the more intangible, heartfelt aspects of life.

Discover the blend of financial strategy and emotional wellbeing.

We help you align your financial goals with what holds the deepest value to you.

Summon the magic to transform the everyday retirement into the extraordinary.

Legacy Plan

Secure your legacy and protect your loved ones. We will craft a comprehensive wills and estate plan tailored to your unique needs ensuring your wealth is kept in your family.

We understand that legacy is broader than wealth - it’s about how you want to be remembered. Let’s ensure your wishes are granted when you’re no longer here.

Honour what’s truly important to you and your family so you can preserve and transition your wealth, but more importantly - your precious life story.

Retirement Coaching

Do you feel stuck when it comes to retirement? Worried about how you’ll spend your time or if you’ll have enough money for aged care?

If you’re unsure as to how your retirement will look, or want more clarity on what you need to focus on to create your dream retirement, then this package is for you.

We will meet up multiple times a year to go over all your questions and work with you to develop a flexible retirement plan that ties in with your vision for a long and fulfilled life.

New Chapter

Are you planning your next phase in life? Perhaps you have achieved financial security but the next stage is looking a little lacklustre. Let us work with you to figure out what to do next - we can help complex life changes feel easy - preparing you for whatever comes your way.

Our most in-depth package, New Chapter, includes everything available in all the other packages, plus more. It’s perfect for you if you’re a business owner or have more complicated affairs. Created not just for those on the cusp of retirement - New Chapter is perfect for anyone entering a new phase of their life.

Real Life Financial Planning