Could a Sabbatical Increase Your Return On Life?

Jun 6, 2024 | Blog

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Imagine dedicating your life to a single goal, only to realise you need to adapt your plans halfway through. This shift mirrors the potential extension of our lives and the need for adaptive financial planning. For pre-retirees approximately ten years from the traditional retirement age, taking a sabbatical can be a strategic move to ensure a fulfilling life now and during retirement. At Real Life Financial Planning, we emphasise a holistic approach, preparing our clients mentally, physically, and financially for their next chapter. Could taking a sabbatical be part of your pre-retirement strategy?

Benefits of Taking a Sabbatical for Pre-Retirees

Mental and Physical Health Benefits

Taking a break from work can significantly reduce stress and prevent burnout, which is crucial as you approach retirement. It provides an opportunity to focus on your health, engage in exercise, and pursue hobbies, leading to improved physical and mental well-being.

Professional Development

A sabbatical can also be a time for professional growth. Many companies offer continuing education programs. Use this time to learn new skills or enhance existing ones, making yourself more valuable in your current role or preparing for new opportunities post-retirement.

Personal Fulfillment

Beyond professional and health benefits, a sabbatical offers a chance to pursue personal interests and passions that may have been sidelined due to work commitments. Engaging in meaningful activities can lead to greater life satisfaction and fulfillment.

How a Sabbatical Improves Return on Life

Enhanced Well-being

Taking a sabbatical allows you to focus on your well-being, leading to a better quality of life now and in retirement. It’s a time to recharge, reflect, and rejuvenate, setting the stage for a more fulfilling retirement.

Reevaluation of Life Goals

A break from work provides the time and space to reevaluate your life goals and make necessary adjustments. This introspection can help you align your actions with your aspirations, ensuring that your retirement years are purposeful and satisfying.

Increased Productivity

Returning to work after a sabbatical often results in increased productivity and a renewed sense of purpose. This period of rest and reflection can enhance your performance and satisfaction in your professional life.

Practical Ideas for a Productive Sabbatical

Continuing Education

Explore company-offered education programs or adult education options, including community colleges and online courses. Focus on specific skills and professional goals to make the most of your sabbatical.


Take advantage of corporate benefits that allow for volunteer work. Engaging in charitable activities can provide a new perspective on your community and professional life, potentially shaping future career choices.

Starting a Side Hustle

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Use your sabbatical to develop and refine a business idea. Combine side hustle time with continuing education to improve your entrepreneurial skills and prepare for a successful venture.

Reconnecting Mind and Body

Use this time to incorporate new fitness activities and mindfulness practices into your daily routine. Establish a routine that includes exercise, meditation, and self-care to maintain your well-being and avoid burnout.

How Real Life Financial Planning Can Help

Financial Lifeline Preparation

At Real Life Financial Planning, we help clients prepare financially for a sabbatical, ensuring it aligns with their overall retirement goals. Our holistic retirement planning services address your mental, physical, and financial well-being by preparing a financial lifeline with you and looking forward and anticipating what might happen and not reacting to events after they happen.

Holistic Planning Approach

Our Head and Heart Financial Planning process ensures that every aspect of your life is considered, helping you achieve a balanced and fulfilling life both now and in retirement.

Personalised Strategies for Pre-Retirees

We create tailored strategies with our retirement planning services to incorporate a sabbatical into your pre-retirement plan, ensuring you are well-prepared for your next chapter.

Inspired Retirement

Taking a sabbatical can be a transformative experience, offering numerous benefits for pre-retirees 10 to 15 years from retirement. From enhancing well-being and productivity to personal fulfillment and professional growth, the advantages are clear. Ready to explore how a sabbatical can fit into your pre-retirement strategy? Complete our wealth check and contact Real Life Financial Planning today to start planning your inspired retirement.

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