How to live an “Inspired Retirement” without regrets

Jan 11, 2024 | Blog

Real Life Financial Planning

It’s quarter past four, you usually leave work at five, but today you wanted to spend a few extra minutes alone at your desk before you retire from it for good in less than a week’s time. While you sit there tracing your fingers along the familiar wooden desk you begin to wonder what this next chapter of your life will bring.

Sometimes you’re overcome with common but intrusive retirement-fear-related thoughts like “what if I haven’t saved enough for inflation” or “what if I miraculously live to 100 – I can’t afford to live that long,” but they usually leave your mind quite quickly. After all, everyone approaching retirement is entering the same unknown and ever-changing arena, an arena where economic and technological changes constantly alter what we think the face of retirement should look like.

The thing that really keeps you up at night is a bit more existential and goes along the lines of “what if retirement isn’t a good look for me and what if it doesn’t make me happy?” Sometimes the latter thought is so overwhelming you consider dying at your desk, but please don’t do that. After years of working to provide for both yourself and your family, you deserve to spend your grand finale in a way that truly embraces your authentic self.

“Retire from work, but not life.” – M.K Soni

Don’t feel bad if you share the sentiments of the man in the above paragraphs. Many individuals aren’t ready to trade their work life for a life that emulates the cliché existence depicted in a fancy ‘old age village’ brochure. That’s why if you’re looking for a retirement plan that encompasses more than just being able to afford playing golf every Wednesday and Friday for the next 20 years, you need an inspired retirement. What’s the difference between a normal retirement plan and inspired retirement plan? Well, unlike your run of the mill retirement plans, we care a whole lot more than just simply helping you plan for future financial security – don’t worry though, we do that too!

An Inspired Retirement plan is the key to unlocking your truly happy golden years as it is a plan that enables you to rebut against cookie cutter versions of what many people think retirement should look like and instead embrace your authentic desires, lifelong wishes, ‘bucket list’ goals. At Real Life Financial Planning, we help you do just that by not only taking into account your financial situation when crunching the numbers, but also the four parameters of retirement happiness which are social connections, a good mental and physical health as well as a motivating sense of purpose. We believe that retirement is not a destination but a journey and help you to re-think retirement to make it the best years of your life.

In addition to this, we also leave you with a retirement plan that encourages you to adopt a perpetual planning philosophy towards your retirement. Things change and not everything can be predicted, this recent pandemic sure showed us that! But do you know what shouldn’t change? Your ability to retire happy!

To find our more about an alternative to dying at your desk and having a retirement that you regret, download our ebook, “How to live an Inspired Retirement”, or take our simple three minute questionnaire to receive a personalised summary, along with insights to help you define – or refine – a compelling vision for your future.

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