Beyond Wealth: Crafting a Life of Purpose with Heart-Centered Financial Planning

Mar 6, 2024 | Blog

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The initiation into our wealth planning services often challenges the conventional. Rather than diving into discussions about superannuation funds or the Superannuation Guarantee, we start by exploring the fabric of your life and dreams.

Heart-Centered Planning: A Journey Beyond Finances

At the heart of our approach is Life-Centered Planning, a philosophy that places your aspirations and dreams at the core of financial planning. This approach resonated with Linda, a pre-retiree in her mid-50s, who found herself at a crossroads, yearning for a life beyond the conventional expectations of retirement planning services. Linda’s dilemma was rooted in a deep-seated belief that there must be more to life than the traditional wealth planning services, and she was determined not to live with regrets.

1. Discovering the Uncharted Future

Linda’s engagement with us marked the beginning of a transformative journey. Our first step was to address the assumption that one knows what the future holds. Through a comprehensive exploration process, we assisted Linda in discovering her life plan, revealing passions and aspirations she hadn’t fully acknowledged. The sense of hope Linda felt upon realising that there was a Perth Financial Advisor who viewed money and life through a different lens was profound. She was particularly drawn to our belief in finding one’s Ikigai, or reason for being, which became a guiding principle in her journey.

Real Life Financial Planning

How to align your financial plan with your Ikigai

2. Broadening the Financial Horizon

Our assessment of Linda’s financial resources went beyond traditional retirement planning. By adopting a 100-year outlook, we broadened the scope to include every conceivable income source that could support Linda’s aspirations well into the future. This approach not only prepared her for a fulfilling retirement but also ensured her financial plan was a robust foundation for her life’s ambitions.

3. Mapping the Financial Path to a “New Chapter”

The transition to Linda’s “New Chapter” involved a clear understanding of the financial implications of her desired life changes. By meticulously calculating the costs associated with her goals, we grounded her aspirations in financial reality, ensuring her life plan and financial strategy were seamlessly intertwined.

4. Enriching Life Beyond Retirement

Our strategy for Linda extended beyond traditional financial planning to encompass life enhancements that brought her joy and fulfilment. We demonstrated the transformative potential of heart-centred financial advice that supported her life plan and that was good for her soul.

5. Reflective and Dynamic Annual Reviews

Our annual reviews with Linda transcended the conventional, focusing instead on her fulfilment and how effectively she was using her finances to achieve her life’s dreams. This process ensured her financial plan remained dynamic and responsive to her evolving aspirations.

Linda’s journey took a pivotal turn when she inspired her husband to embrace heart-centered financial advice. Together, they moved beyond the transactional approach of their previous money-centred advisors, recognising the power of a financial plan that supports a life plan, not the other way around. This shared journey transformed their perspective on financial planning, viewing it as an integral component of their life’s narrative.

Embracing a Life Without Regrets

Linda and her husband’s experience underscores the essence of our heart-centred approach to wealth and retirement planning services. By aligning their financial strategy with their deepest values and dreams, they embarked on a path filled with purpose, joy, and fulfilment, free from the shadow of future regrets.

Your New Chapter: Ready to explore a life where your financial plan is a bridge to your dreams and aspirations? Make a start by downloading our eBook, “What is a Real Life Financial Plan” and inquire about our New Chapter services. Let us guide you towards a future where your wealth serves your life’s purpose, illuminated by the discovery of your Ikigai.

General Advice Disclaimer

Please note, the information provided herein is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances. It is not intended as legal, tax, or personal advice. Always seek personalised financial advice to ensure that your financial plan aligns with your unique situation and goals.